A history of building excellence

Bermar strives to offer our Clients the best possible service in a friendly professional and inclusive manner.

A close working relationship with the whole client team is important to Bermar Building. We only work with a small number of clients within the Yorkshire region.

Repeat business is vital to our success. The fact that we have worked with the same clients for decades is a great demonstration of our collaborative working ethics. It is important that we work with the entire client team from the primary client to the end user.

With that in mind, the philosophy of teamwork is instilled throughout our Company. Successful teams are kept together and work with the same client time and time again. Relationships are built and learning curves are reduced.

Director involvement at all stages of the project means clients have the comfort of knowing that a key decision-maker is involved and available at all times. We are always open and honest and share information to keep clients informed. We are flexible to change and prepared to offer solutions.

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