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Corporate Social Responsibility

We commit to take an environmentally and socially responsible approach to both existing activities and future developments, reducing pollution through the efficient use of energy, material and product substitution to reduce our adverse affect on the environment.

We comply with regulatory obligations and the requirements of ISO14001. The Managing Director is a Chartered Environmentalist. We are actively involved with various charities and work closely with the local communities in which our sites are based. As a company, we actively encourage our staff to take responsibility for their actions.

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We recognise that construction is one of the main contributors to carbon emissions globally. It is therefore essential that we play our part in achieving net zero carbon (NZC) emissions by 2050. The demand for buildings is on the increase and we need to consider the embodied energy we use to build them alongside energy in use.

To ensure the right steps are taken to reduce carbon, we complete Low Carbon Design Reviews and encourage clients to use the low carbon design hierarchy and be:

Lean – Use less energy

Clean – Supply energy efficiently

Green – Use renewables. Already reducing our impact across our construction activities, we use the five stages of waste reduction hierarchy shown below:

  • Prevention – Access the environmental impact of all operations including using green site cabins and low-energy plant
  • Reuse – Incorporate sustainable considerations through our operations via green design and WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme)
  • Recycle – Minimise waste on-site and use VCSE (voluntary, community or social enterprise) and similar organisations to achieve Social Value targets
  • Recover – Implement and measure objectives to ensure continual improvement and reduce CO2
  • Disposal – Divert 97% of waste from landfill, record and monitor disposal methods

Passionate about protecting the environment and achieving NZC. Managing Director, Rob Moon a Chartered Environmentalist created our ISO14001 Environmental Management System to ensure:

  • Materials are sourced from local suppliers to reduce transport emissions and support the local economy
  • Low and VOC free products including eco-label certified paints are used
  • All timber is FSC or equivalent certified
  • Products are made of recycled materials where appropriate
  • We avoid known toxic materials that are injurious to ecosystems and man
  • Carbon footprint monitoring using a carbon calculator and offsetting systems
  • The efficient planning and use of low energy plant and machinery on projects
  • Grey water is collected and used on-site
  • All our staff recruited locally
  • Staff/supply chain maximises car share
  • Recycling facilities provided on-site
  • Trees purchased and planted in Yorkshire.

Social Value

Social Value is embedded in the way we carry out our business, it is something that we have been doing since the company began in 1973. Social Value is at the heart of our approach.

We understand that delivering Social Value is not a one-off activity which is why our ISO9001 Quality System incorporates compliance with Social Value KPIs and incentivises our supply chain to achieve more for the communities where we all live and work.

We have taken a number of steps that we are proud of and will continue to focus on the positive role that we can play in the local communities in which we work. Bermar Building is committed to openness and transparency in reporting our achievements in delivering Social Value. One of our core values is that we strive to do things better. We are open to discussions with external partners about how we can enhance Social Value through the delivery of our services.

We have spent many years working with and fundraising for many charities including a local charity ‘One in a Million’. We have raised funds, given business advice and supported recruitment and property purchases as well as volunteering.

Recruiting locally and helping our own people through apprenticeships, employment and skills training, by retaining and growing local talent we actively tackle economic inequality and enhance diversity and wellbeing within the workforce.

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