Posted by: Bob Moon

Bermar awaits 40th Anniversary in 2013

40th Anniversary

Bermar approaches its’ 40th Anniversary with a degree of satisfaction but also a feeling of déjà vu?

Once again we are in a deep national recession and once again, the Construction Industry is feeling the full brunt. This is the third in our history, albeit that this one has been deeper and longer.

All of us at Bermar are having to do twice the work for half the price. Thankfully we have continued to trade at a profit throughout the period and continue to receive our share of Enquiries.

We wish to record our appreciation of our Clients for placing their faith in us, our Subcontractors and Suppliers for their continued professionalism and support, and to our Workforce for their hard work and loyalty.

We intend to celebrate in some way and will release details nearer the time.