Posted by: Bob Moon

Bermar hand over the Huddersfield Water Tower

Bermar have handed-over the Huddersfield Railway Station Water Tower.

This has been a most successful project and involved conversion of the inside the Tower to offices and external repairs. Huddersfield Station Tower is Grade 1 Listed and was built in 1847.
The Client was: ACoRP Ltd.
The Architect was: PPIY Ltd.

The renovation has created a great deal of local interest and was recently featured in the Huddersfield Examiner.

An interesting feature of the project was that, although the original building has retained its Victorian integrity, a number of modern features have been incorporated including:-

Solar PV panels have been installed within the original tank to reduce electricity bills, but are not visible from outside the tank.
To avoid penetration of the external walls, ventilation was achieved using the original chimneys to house the ducting.
The original roof water tank enables rainwater to be harvested and used for flushing the toilets.