Dewsbury Hospital Ward 15

Client: Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust
Project Value:  £950,000

Project Details

The scope of works involved the stripping-out of an existing ward, re-configuration and refurbishment to bring the ward to modern specification.

The scheme was on the third floor of a live hospital with limited internal access. In order to provide access to the building for both operatives and materials we constructed a full scaffold and used an existing window opening. The window was made wider and an internal ramp was constructed. The scaffold had both a full personnel and goods hoist and a Haki staircase. A temporary path was constructed between the compound and the access scaffold.

It was also very important to segregate, dust, noise and vibration when working adjacent to a live ward area and the maintenance of a hospital fire route through the works. To keep our works separate from the live ward we erected a full-height temporary partition complete with doors and dust seals. We also highlighted the most disruptive elements and agreed to do these out of hours and at a weekend when the other departments were quieter.

We maintained a full emergency fire route through the middle of the site. This area had to be kept clear at all times. This was achieved by 1. Marking a fire zone on the floor, 2. Having regular and signed-off inspections of the entire route, 3. Having regular mock fire drills to make sure the procedures were working.

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