Doncaster COVID Bed Bays

Client: Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Project Value:  £85,000

Project Details

The scope of the works was to form 4 new bed bays in the live Doncaster Royal infirmary A&E Department to help cope with a fresh COVID wave. To cope with the winter bed pressures in the A & E Department, work had to be completed in a 2-week period.

Understanding HTM and HBN compliance is key in a healthcare environment and agreement is needed to achieve progressive sign-off. Within the first week, we hosted a launch workshop with the Trust and its stakeholders to identify any unavoidable derogations. This involved honest and collaborative “This is what we can achieve in the timescales, and can you live with it?” discussions, and agreeing on what we could achieve in the timescales and how.

Working collaboratively from the start we delivered this critical project and achieved full HTM and HBN compliance.

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