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Oakworth Crematorium

Client: Bradford Metropolitan District Council (Oakworth Crematorium)
Project Value:  £2,400,000

Project Details

The works included the construction of a new cremator, entrance, back house facilities and waiting rooms. We also refurbished the existing listed and original chapel including associated external works.

The project required the demolition of the existing cremator and back-of-house facilities leaving the original chapel building in place and ready for refurbishment.

The existing building had to be carefully demolished by hand in order not to damage the listed chapel adjacent to the site.

The new building was constructed with traditional mass-fill concrete foundations. A steel frame and a metal deck/concrete and single-ply roof. The external walls were an internal skin of SFS and external skin of brickwork. The external brickwork consisted of very detailed designs with panels of indented bricks to form patterns. The internals included polished concrete floors and natural ash cladding walls.

There were extensive external works including new parking, a new entrance road and landscaping. The site levels had to be extensively changed and retaining walls used around the site.

The cemetery stayed in use throughout. Works had to be sequenced around funerals and the site was kept impeccably clean and tidy.

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